Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Melting Day in January

The best part, and the worst, of January on the farm are those happy warm days, when the temperature slips above zero, and the country sighs in relief. 

And the next day the wind is as harsh and bitter as it has been the whole winter.

But for today, one bright shining day, we can indulge in the hope that maybe, just maybe, spring is here, even if it is impossible. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ok, so what's with the name?

     The name is very simple. You see, I am very fond of making soup, but there is always, or I should say, almost always this feeling that you never have all the ingredients. If you do, it is because you cleverly remembered to write them down on the shopping list, but, as often as not, you are short heavy whipping cream, or celery, or, most likely, leeks, which have to be the bane of all recipe books. Who has leeks on hand anyways? And who likes them well enough to pay an outrageous amount for only two of them, when you get home to find you really needed five? I digress. But you see, in the end, it is all for nought, because my family and I have never starved yet. Even when the problems went beyond "What's for dinner?" to "Who cares about dinner, how are we getting through the month??" we have always been provided for, and I thank God for that. Once you get over the initial "food prep panic", you always find that there are plenty of left overs, and perhaps, just perhaps, a little more faith was necessary.

     But I am running long. A simply introduction: I am a woman who knits quite a bit, sews a little, and reads a lot. Every part of my life is dipped in Christ, because He made me clean from my sins, and that needs no apology. He is to be Magnified, and not I. By this blog I hope to be profitable with my talents, like the woman pictured in Proverbs 31, without, I hope, compromising home concerns, like the above stated dinner.  Dinner is important.