Monday, February 25, 2013

The Big Crazy Sampler Blanket - Part 2

It's alive! 

Ok!  Four days, and over six inches knitted.  We are still going places, but slowly. 

   So next, going up from the Loki Houndstooth is a row of tesseract.  That's nice.  Please notice that the background changes from black to brown, linking the "dark world" to the in-the-past-everything-is-brown-and-colorless world of Captain America.  As for his row, could we just give a small cheer for the guy whose outfit is about something bigger than himself?  (The stars were taken from Fearless Fair Isle Knitting by Kathleen Taylor.  It's a really cool book.)  Part of this row is a testament to be crushed dream of making an accurate, zipper-up-the-side-and-Velcro-on-top Captain America sweater, which I have wanted to do since I saw The Avengers for the first time in theaters.  I also wanted to make a Thor cable-knit sweater and something for Ironman...

      This was another throwback pattern, when the original plan was a make a red sweater with a red-and yellow yoke, and an arch-reactor in the middle, like this:

  I quit this idea after the arch reactor proved to be trickier than it seemed.  If I were to do that now, however, I would simple use a duplicate stitch for that part.  Problem solved! 

   As you can tell by the triangle vs circle pattern, Ironman 2 was the very first of the modern Marvel movies that I saw, with the Avengers being the second.  From that context, triangles were just plain better, and easier to knit.  I guess I must change that now, but I still like the idea of a Norwegian Yoke Mark-Whatever Sweater.  Someday.  Once I get the yarn. 

   Next is Hulk!  I really like this pattern.  It has very little to do with him (besides colors), because his area of expertise is not liquids, but gamma rays...  But I like the Jekyll and Hyde idea.  In fact, I think Hulk would make an awesome steampunk movie.  Experiments gone wrong, giant monsters from nowhere, sympathetic women...  Hulk really isn't a super hero movie; it is a tragedy.  And a tragedy needs every bit of poetry a period movie would give it.  The only problem is that if it was based in America it would quickly become "Evil Confederates Want the Monster for Themselves!" which has been done so many times before it would loose all of it's originality. 

Boris and Bowler

Tune in next time for Black Widow and friends...

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