Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Crazy Fair Isle Blanket Part 4

   It's becoming a monster, and it's not even near finished yet!   


So, working up from the blue and gray this-woman-has-no-idea-what-fair-isle-means pattern, we have a pretty little rick-rack looking pattern I found in a magazine, a strange checker pattern that I invented while trying to work out a certain scarf (I know, it looks nothing like that.  But if you could see my notebook it would make sense.), and then a pink check that reminds one of the 1980's. 

  Keeping on this note, and the note of silly patterns I invented in my notebook, does anyone remember that wall the Destroyer comes from behind in Thor?  Because I can't get it strait.  Look at it!  It just looks like a bunch of X's.  One day!  One day I will get it right! 
   After that is a sort-of icicle pattern.  They can't all be winners.  I liked the idea of having fire and ice together, and even toyed with mapping out "Fire, and Ice, and Rage" and using it as a segway into Doctor Who...  But fandom wasn't really on my mind.  Or, at least, I didn't think so...

  Does anyone remember the X-men cartoon that used to be on cable?  Where everyone was super-skinny, so that the strong men looked like they would tip over, there was so much disproportionate muscle weight on top?  This X pattern was much harder than it looks, but it is also perfect in the fair isle world, because there is never more that 3 stitches of the same color at one time.  Cool. 
   When I ran out of white, I used blue instead.  I don't know if they ever did blue accents in the X-men, but if they didn't, they should have. 

   Next time- not blanket updates.  Maybe.  Let's see how things go. 

UPDATE:  As of March 2015 I began the second panel, though I am not sure I'll post any more pictures until I am finished.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Big Crazy Sampler Blanket- Part 3


   Now, for another instalment of  "How the Circular Needle Turns." 
Today is more of a continuation of the story; as life has been quiet, so has the knitting.


   To continue with the super hero theme, we work our way up with Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Batman.  What, do you say?  How can that be Hawkeye?  Have you ever tried to knit bows and arrows?  Would you tell me how?  After that flopped, the only thing I could think of were the pair of sunglasses he wore at the end of  The Avengers, red dots everywhere for the laser sights on his bow, and a purple background for his comic book outfit.  In the end, it looks like the Valentine card you thought was slightly too romantic to give to your third grade crush. 

  I knit the Batman row while watching "An Affair To Remember."  My brother was kind enough to copy out the pattern for me. 

  The last three were all from yesterday-  The brown/purple/orange fair isle and clovers during Ivanhoe, and the light blue and green while I was desperately trying to get a foothold on Downton Abbey.  ( I saw ep. 5 of season 2.  William dies???  They can't do that to me!)