Wednesday, March 25, 2015

CUSTOM ORDER Loki Hat and Scarf Set

Last fall I received a request for a custom order.  These always get me excited, but don't often come through.  But this one did!  She was a lovely girl, and had very simple specifications:   She wanted it to be in green, black, and gold.  She wanted the hat to her measurements, and the scarf long with tassels.  And she even wanted the higher quality yarn!  It was a treat to do business with her.  So I went to the store and got some lovely emerald green yarn (Cascade is the company name)  that I had worked with before on a scarf for my brother and just happens to SMELL AMAZING and  the black and gold I got from a company calling itself "Aslan Trends" which was interesting.  I opted for a sort of dusky light brown instead of yellow gold, because whenever I held up a yellow to that green it yelled GREEN BAY PACKERS and I really, really didn't want to go there.  So I didn't, and it turned out wonderfully.  

Here we are before completion, and putting the tassels on.  

I mostly knit this hat while watching "Spider-man 2" for the first time.  

That would be me.  And a scarf.

Did I say how much I had wanted to make a Loki scarf?  I've had a plan in the back of my mind for one, but never got around to it, and all of the sudden I was getting PAID to to it!  Best thing ever!

And here is the scarf when it is completely finished!  I loved the tassels.  I knotted the ends of each one, though I didn't get a picture of that.  

...And the back.  Which is the same as the front, really.  

So I sent it off, hoping that my well-smelling darling would lead a happy and prosperous life, when some months later I received this:  

"Hey i figured I would just send you a little note. The weather has dropped to minus 20 below here in frost Iowa, and I am still running around nice and toasty warm in my hand crafted loki hat and scarf. I know a lot of buyers don't say much after they get their items, but I just wanted to say again how awesome this set is. The colors are still beautiful, and the yarn choice is silky soft and freakishly warm ( seriously, my cats nest on them like wombat in heat when I get home!) and it's stood up to my vigorous outdoor life. It's subtly geeky without screaming " I am a total dweeb! Please mug me!" And I always gets lots of compliments. and I know a lot of thought went into making this. And I appreciate it. It shows in every fuzzy loki stich. so, thanks again for making something amazing, geeky and frighteningly warm. Keep it up."

I couldn't believe it!  I was on vacation at the time in New Zealand (at the cafe on the Waitangi grounds, to be precise) and you could have knocked me over with a feather.  Positive feedback is the best.  

If you like this hat and would like to see some of my other work, or would like to custom order one for yourself, please visit . 

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