Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Trio of Loki Hats

Shortly after making my first Loki Hat and in between making a pile of sherlock hats, I made a few of these bad boys.   

The gold yarn was the same as the Thor Hat (fitting, eh?) and the green yarn was left over from when I made my own brother a scarf for Christmas (also fitting) and later bought some more of for the Loki Hat and Scarf Set.  You may say to yourself, "Wow, she reuses a lot of yarn."  Yes.  Yes I do.  

A nice flat top.  Sometimes they are perfectly rounded, and other times they go ruffley.  Ruffley is not bad, it just depends on people's taste.  And if the intended audience is male or female.  

     This one was given to a friend I worked with for her birthday.  It suited her perfectly, so what else was I to do?  Always my internal turmoil:  Would I rather wait and sell a thing, or give it to a friend who will use it?  Or will my friend just say, "Oh, that's nice." and not use it, and it would only be used and loved by someone willing to pay for it?  Thus runs my vanity.  I love what I make, and make it to be used heartly until it's worn through (which I make sure won't happen for a long time), but I must understand that not everyone looks at what I make the same way.  

Ok, this one.  The brown one.  This one is simple, with ruffles, and a very obvious Loki pattern.  It's in the shop, miraculously!  

But I don't remember much about the yarn, sorry to say.  I believe it was partially acrylic, which makes it more hardy and washable.  Neat.   

And here we have the mild mannered Loki hat.  The one with easy colors, more hidden helmets, and soft yarn.  AND there is only one row of helmets, without that confusing up and down pattern, which I like, but confuses the eye.  

     This is the Loki hat that really goes against Loki, really.  It's not his colors, nor his attitude.  It's just calm and sweet, which is like the Loki-that-never-was which the hopeless fangirls wish could sometimes be.  It won't, Fangirls.  You know this.  You've read the mythology, it just gets worse from here.  But all the same, we do hope.  

If does make me smile, however to see it.  

     I guess I should get back into making these things. They are easy and fun, but too much Loki is bad for the brain.  Though I do have an Odin's staff pattern I have never used, and I would like to incorporate that sometimes...

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