Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gray Loki Hat the First

The first born of the Loki lot, that has since been sold.    

     I invented the Loki helmet pattern while spending an afternoon dedicated to making avengers patterns.  It still makes me happy, and has a couple little patent pending* tricks in it that I must teach the wider public someday.  Someday, but not yet.  For after all, shouldn't a Loki pattern have both secrets and tricks?

It is made out of the same yarn as my Sherlock Sweater Vest and is quite soft.  The light gray was some left over sock yarn.  

My ever disobliging model didn't want to stand and take pictures, and I had to get him to smile, even if he was facing away from the camera in the main photo.  

He was easily appeased by cookies, however.  

The hat was knitted in a fine frenzy before Thor 2 came out in theaters, and I couldn't wait to see it.  I wore it to the theater, (don't tell the person who bought it!) and had a grand ol' time with my brother talking too loudly and excitedly during the movie at exciting intervals.  

I made a Thor Hat soon afterwards.  It's only fair, after all.  

*The idea of knitting patents cracks me up.  People have been twisting yarn around sticks for hundreds of years:  no doubt has been done this way by knitters before, and will be done by knitters after words, and each of us will think ourselves quite clever and accomplished. 

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