Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spider hat, Spider hat, keeps your head warm like a Spider hat does...

     This past summer at camp I had several sick sundays, and this was the product of one of them.  It was made out of sock yarn from my failed spider-socks and was made in part in honor of some Spider-man apologist friends of mine. 

These were the socks.  They may not look that bad, but they didn't stretch, which is sort of essential.  

But back to the hat.  In the end, it answered one of my biggest questions.

Exactly how long does it take me to make a hat?

Just as long as it takes for me to watch Wives and Daughters.

The etsy shop link is here, and remember that custom orders are very much so encouraged.  You know, if you want mittens.  Which would be pretty funny, methinks.  

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