Monday, April 27, 2015


Soon after Thor 2 had come out (or was it before?) and knitting this hat, I thought I might turn my hand to the "little g" god of Thunder.  

Both the hammers and the lightning is my own invention.  The lightning is a bit of a pain, I admit, it's like a 40 stitch repeat, but the effect is fantastic.  

The yarn is a bit of the gray from the Sherlock Sweater, (I had a lot of that left over) some gold yarn that was really meant for needlepoint, brown of the same, light gray of some harsh wool, medium gray for the hammers of something softer (dragon sweater remnants?) and the red from more of the weaving stash.  

And there you are.  This one is also in the shop, awaiting your pleasure.

(I just got the most genius idea for a sweater vest with the lightening in the main, and the hammers as a trim around the v-neck.  OoooooOoo.  But that shall be put on the indefinite to-do list, unless requested.  It's hanging out there with the raven sweater, the Winter Soldier sweater, a brown baby sweater, and double knit pot holders.  It's a long list.) 

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