Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Winter Soldier Beanie and the BUCKY COWL

You know how it is.  A new Marvel movie comes out, I get excited, and make a hat.  

     This is an awfully stretchy one, all wool, made from some yarn bought in Wisconsin when I was last there, and the light gray yarn is Icelandic wool I recieved for my last birthday. 

If you are interested in this hat, the Etsy listing is here.

     I kind of wanted to keep this one.  It's a nice color and I wanted a new hat (and, you know, BUCKY!) but I wore it to the theater one evening (a habit of mine) and found that, stretchy as it was, it was just that much too tight to really work.  Bummer.  

     The best part about it would have been that it is made of the same yarn as my very own Bucky Cowl.  Put them together, and WHAMO!  Full knitted visor.  Though it does make one look like a less than savory character, which I suppose is sort of the point.  But really, I love that thing.  It's fluffy and comfortable on my face, and...  

     ...If you put it on your head it becomes a hat.  I like to pull my hair through it and make is a sort of massive scrunchy. I call it "Sweat Pants for the Head" only my friends tell me that that is the worst marketing name ever and I shouldn't share it with the public. 

     It is It is actually the second one I have made, the first one falling prey to my generous habits:

     Funny story, that, but not for today.  In any case, she is not the one who got the cowl (it was the only picture I had) but a friend of ours, who took a liking to it, and not only keep up our moral when other friends of ours were having a painfully ignorant conversation, but gave me a very knowledgeable and concise overview of the Civil War comic series.  If that isn't earning a Bucky Cowl, I don't know what is. 

    I've made another Bucky Cowl since, but I, you guessed it, gave it away.  But I may start up again.  They are the best thing for keeping your face warm in below freezing weather, though I was reminded one day when I was filling my car with gas that perhaps the girl behind the counter would not appreciate it if I wore it into the gas station.  :)

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